Real Training for Real Life
The Art of Creating a Balanced Relationship

Metropawlitan Dog Training understands that no two dog handler teams train the same. Each class is customized to give you a program that is tailor made to what you want to learn the most and achieve desired, effective results.

Our trainers are trained in a variety of different techniques to help you custom design a balanced training program that works for you. Our underlying philosophy always remains the same: to help you design your own Metropawlitan – a dog that is well mannered and obedient no matter where you go or what you do.

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Metropawlitan Core

We offer these exciting Core Programs!

  • Polished Puppies Kindergarten
  • Cultured Canines Basics
  • Cultured Canines Intermediate
  • Real World Metropawlitan

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Behavior Classes

Does your dog growl, bark or bite when he encounters other dogs? Dog to dog aggression can be scary to deal with, especially when it can seem unpredictable. Let us show you how we can help you train your dog to behave in a more peaceful way with other dogs around him.


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