Basic Manners

Achieve your dog training goals and become a confident owner who enjoys peaceful and harmonious living day to day with your dog



Struggling To Get Your Dog To Listen Around Distractions?

  • Your dog doesn't listen outside of your house
  • You're familiar with sore arms or leash burned hands as part of your walks
  • You've had heart stopping experiences of our dog dashing out the door
  • You're embarrassed to have guests come over to your home and visit
  • You're worried about what's around the corner on your walks
  • Chaos ensues every time someone walks by the house
It’s time to end the chaos, stress, and embarrassment and regain peace and harmony in your relationship with your dog instead.



Meet Your Guide


Over the past 25 years, Suzanne has trained hundreds of dogs from beloved family pets to high level competition and working dogs.  Her experience in and out of the competition ring combined with a degree in Animal Science has enabled her to create a proven program that gets reliable results without depending on food or training aids and in the presence of distractions.  Now she wants to share this program with you.  


When you subscribe, you’ll not only get access to this course, you’ll also learn how to customize this program for your unique lifestyle and become a part of an exclusive community of like minded dog owners that are willing and ready to help you succeed.


All The Tools You How We Can Help You Get A Well Trained Dog

Without a clear plan to transition training from your living room to the outside world, you’re doomed to a life tolerating your dog’s misbehaviour and chaos.  


Let’s face it - just like no two people have the exact same personality, no two households have the exact same day to day habits and routines.  That’s why many standardized training plans often don’t work.  And that’s why our first approach is to help you build a customized plan that makes sense for you and your household. (Read More...)



Your Plan To A Well Trained Dog

1.  Get Access

2.  Get Training

3.  Relax and Enjoy the Results


"My family enjoys our puppy so much more because of this."

"Suzanne's puppy training class is great! She is clearly very dedicated to her program, her knowledge of animal obedience and nutrition is incredible.

We had no clue what to do with our new puppy and she helped us tame him. Suzanne was critical in teaching our puppy how to behave and live healthy from the beginning. My family enjoys our puppy so much more because of this. I'm sure our puppy is having a better time too!

I would highly recommend this class to anyone. Will definitely register for the next course."

- Tim


What Do I Get With This Course?

  • Video Tutorials that teach:
    • The science behind learning
    • How to build a personalized training plan
    • Basic obedience exercises such as 
      • Sit
      • Down
      • Loose Leash Walking
      • Boundary Stays
      • Come
      • Leave It
  • How and when to apply these exercises to the common areas most dog owners struggle with
  • How to teach reliability in distracting environments
  • We do this all through:
    • Weekly lesson plans
    • Instructor feedback and coaching 
    • Access to online community (peer support)


Take the guesswork out of puppy raising and enjoy the journey of raising a well behaved, well mannered adult dog.




A Growing Library of Courses To Help You Meet Your Unique Training Goals 

Basic Obedience

Teach your dog manners that make day to day living stress free and easy. Read More...

Advanced Obedience

Teach your dog off leash and out of sight reliability in your obedience.  Coming Soon!

Sport Training

Do more with your dog and have fun learning along the way.  Coming Soon!



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Masterclass Membership


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