Need Some Advice on Picking The Right Dog Food For Your Dog?

food and treats Mar 10, 2021
  • dog food - gives you dog food ratings - most important to look at is recall records.  The more recalls that are given, the more you should be wary about that kind of food.
  • look at how your dog performs on it - do you notice a change in behaviour, weight, coat and skin condition, energy level, and overall appearance of the dog? 
  • protein percentage - how does it affect energy level and digestion
  • carb levels - grain free. vs grain friendly (simplified)
  • consider your dog's daily activities before making a choice
  • supplements (e.g. oils, glucosamine, etc)
  • experiment for variety and see what works best for your dog
  • life stages diets

Let's face it - going to the pet food store can feel a little overwhelming when you find yourself standing there blankly at the rows and rows of dog food on display.  You want the best for your dog - sure - but how do you really know that it's the best for your dog?  Thanks to marketing, all the dog food companies say theirs is.  Who or what can you truly believe?

Well I'm here to help you decide as an unbiased source of information to help you make the best decision for you and your dog.  Let's look at some factors to consider:


First and foremost, you want to make sure you select a good quality food for your dog. How can you tell?  Visit  This amazing site contains the information breakdown on hundreds of brands out there as well as their overall rating of each product.  The most important thing to look for here is whether the particular brand you're interested in has any records of recalls from the manufacturer.  I would recommend staying away from any brands that have had multiple recalls on their products.  This site does a great job of recording how many times a product has been recalled.  

You will also want to check out their 


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