What you dream you can create.

You can have the dog of your dreams but first you got be specific.

Let’s do a brainstorming session shall we?

I want you to close your eyes and visualize: in a perfect world, what would your dog look, behave, and feel like when you are interacting with him on a daily basis?

Don’t be shy and don’t be afraid to be creative! The whole point of this exercise is to open up your mind to possibilities that could be, regardless of what your current situation with your dog is.

You see, obedience should be more than just about teaching your dog to Sit or Down or Come or walk nicely on a loose leash. It’s more so about how and when you will be using these commands in your daily life so that it makes sense to you and what you want to do with your dog.

Practising drills at home is pretty useless unless you can actually use this obedience in your every day life.

For example, our own dogs are taught to automatically sit when greeting a new adults, and to lie down when greeting a small child. Walking your dog around your neighbourhood should be enjoyable for both you and your dog.

Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy your surroundings and be able to explore them together without Fido pulling on the leash? We can show you how.

Relaxing with the family at home for a movie? We also teach our dogs a boundary stay so that you can enjoy your family time in peace without having to confine Fido away from you or disrupting you.

Reliable obedience for the real world doesn’t need a lot of time each day to achieve, but we do need to break each training goal we have down in to simple easy steps so that our dogs can succeed in each exercise. And that’s exactly what our system here is designed to teach you.

Through our clear cut step by step instructions each week, we can show you our systematic way of teaching your dog to listen to you even with the presence of real life distractions around him.

Remember: any obedience command is just a word until you put some meaning and purpose behind why you want to teach it to your dog and where you will use it in your everyday life. Always know why you are teaching something to your dog before you do it. This can help save you a ton of wasted time on unwanted or ineffective goals later on.

What We Teach
- How dogs learn and how it applies to training your dog to make communicating with your dog that much easier
- Teach your dog to see distractions as a cue to pay attention to you
- Teach your dog to Sit or - Down for greetings
- Leash training and leash manners for your dog- make your walks pleasant and enjoyable for both of you
- Our bomb proof Come command designed with an emergency “Oh Shoot!” button if and when you need it most
- Teach your dog how to greet other people and other dogs on leash
- A Boundary Stay that you can take with you anywhere you go


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Next Class Starts: Saturday, September 21, 2019 at 11 am

Location: Especially 4 Pets 436 16th Ave NE

Cost: $300 + GST for 6 weekly lessons.  1 hour each week.***Please note that there are NO CLASSES on statutory holidays.  Your classes will be scheduled around these dates.**


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