Congratulations on getting your new puppy! There is so much to learn and do with your puppy at this young age that can help him turn into the dream dog of your future.

Between the ages of 8 weeks to about 6 months, a puppy goes through what we call an imprinting phase. This is a very crucial period in a puppy’s life. Whatever experiences he is exposed to at this time in his life, good or bad will stay with your puppy forever. This is all the more reason to ensure that we are super careful what and who we socialize him to and how.


Did you known that there is also a right way and a wrong way to socialize your puppy? Socialization isn’t just about introducing your puppy to a person, place, sound or dog and having him have a good and confident experience with it, it’s also about teaching him appropriate behaviour around those people, places, sounds or other dogs.

Have you ever seen the unruly dogs at the park that come barrelling up to you and jumping on you while the owner is running behind them saying “Oh he’s just saying hi!”? Not very appropriate right? Especially if you don’t like dogs jumping up on you to begin with. While these dogs are socialized with people they certainly haven’t learned to be well mannered when greeting them.

Here at Metropawlitan Dog Training, we combine obedience training with socialization so that your puppy learns confidence around other people at the same time as he is learning how to behave when greeting new friends. For example, many Metro Puppies instinctively run up to new people and sit because that is all they have been taught from day 1 and that is all they know. They don’t think to jump up on someone simply because they have never been rewarded for it and they have never been taught to do it. Similarly, Metro Puppies are taught to lie down whenever they are in the presence of elderly or with young children.

In this way, we teach our pups to learn to choose the right behaviours right from the get go because they are rewarding every single time they do it.

How do we go about doing this? We teach our puppies through a structured program that provides a system of error-less learning. This means that right from the start; we don’t allow our puppies an opportunity to make a mistake by setting up our environment that gives them no option but to succeed. This doesn’t mean you have to be harsh to your puppy though, it just means making your communication crystal clear with him and limiting his access to making the wrong choices, and then providing a reward for making the right choice.


- Teach your puppy to Sit or Down automatically when greeting new people
- Learn how to establish crystal clear communication between you and your puppy
- Teach your puppy the right foundations for Loose Leash Walking
- Teach your puppy the foundations for a bomb proof Come command
- Teach your puppy that the presence of distractions is his cue to pay close attention to you
- Learn our favourite dog training secrets and tools to help speed up your potty training and house training efforts
- Prevent common behaviour issues such as mouthing, jumping up, barking, potty training, and stealing before it even starts


Does your puppy already exhibit some of these unwanted behaviours? Not to worry – we’ll show you how to stop it too
Learn to socialize your puppy the right way with other people, new dogs, and new situations
And much more!


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Cost: $300 + GST for 6 weekly live lessons.  1 hour each week for live classes.  Also included: 7 weekly online sessions in between classes to help you at home during the week.  ***Please note that there are NO CLASSES on statuatory holidays.  Your classes are scheduled around these dates.***




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