For the Ultimate Companion Dog

What does it take to have your dog be a valued member of your family that you would be proud to take anywhere and everywhere with you? What if you could trust that no matter where you were or what you were doing that your dog would be just as well behaved and reliable as he were in your own home? Our core program is designed to help you get those results no matter what stage of life your dog is at. Check out our services below!


Proper socialization means not only teaching your puppy confidence in every situation in his daily life, but more importantly how to behave in each of those situations. Join us for our 6 week comprehensive course to learn how to prepare your puppy to become a part of your unique lifestyle.


What if loose leash walking was something you could take for granted every day? What if you could put your dog on a Sit Stay and trust he would stay there even when you are answering the door? Our 6 week basic obedience course is designed in step by step form exactly how y can get these results with your own dog.


There's nothing more freeing than being able to exercise your dog off leash and trust that he would come back to you immediately, every time you call him. This 6 week course is designed not only how to prepare your dog for off leash obedience, but also how to work through the heaviest distractions and still have him reliably listen to you.


For those that are looking for the ultimate canine companion that you can take anywhere and everywhere with you, this is the class for you! Our 4 week semi private class takes you from the wide open walking trails to the lunches or coffee in Kensington, to the excitement and scenery of Calgary's most popular festivals and helps you to teach your dog to remain reliably obedient no matter where he is or what you are doing.


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