For the Dog Sport Enthusiasts


Looking for something fun to do with your dog? Dog sports are a fantastic way to get active with your dog beyond the normal pet obedience and it's fun too! Whether you are new to the sport world and just want to get your feet wet or a seasoned competitor looking for that extra coaching, we've got a program to help you meet your sport training goals today!


The foundations for any good competitor in any dog sport is one where the dog will perform with a high level of focus, power, precision, and speed. Join us for our 6 week program to learn how to instill these very skills in your own dog today!


Looking to get that winning edge? Our Club is exclusive to those that are training to perform competitively and do well in the obedience ring. Obedience is all in the details and our goal is to teach you how create that perfect picture.


Want to have fun learning new skills and exercises with your dog without the pressures of competing? Our recreational dog club is designed to let you learn at your own pace and have fun while doing it.


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