Online Courses

Get the same quality of instruction as our live classes from the comfort and convenience of your own home.  Each of our courses includes an option for instructor feedback so we can help ensure your success as you move through each module.  

Manners At the Doorbell

The sound of the doorbell doesn't have to degrade your house into a tornado of hair, flustered guests, and a sea of barking.  Reclaim your peace as you learn step by step how to create proper manners when you answer the doorbell. 


Polished Puppies Kindergarten

Teach your puppy how to be confident in day to day life situations while learning the proper manners to behave in them at the same time.  Learn the exact exercises and techniques we use when raising our own puppies at home to get more effective results in less time.


Cultured Canine Basics

Learn how to teach your dog how to listen reliably from the comfort of your own home.  From loose leash walking to creating a reliable come command, it's all about establishing crystal clear communication between. you and your dog and we can show you how!


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