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Hi!  My name is Suzanne and I'm the owner of Metropawlitan Dog Training Inc.  As an avid dog lover, I feel very blessed to wake up every day doing what I love to do most: train dogs and have the opportunity to work with wonderful people like you!

My passion for dog training and competing in dog sports started when I was just 12 years old when my family got our first golden retriever.  I have to confess, I already loved every minute of the training process, but when the ribbons started coming in, I was definitely hooked!  My parents thought it would be something I would outgrow over time but they were wrong!  

I went on to earn my Bachelors degree in Animal Science, majoring in Animal Nutrition from the University of Alberta.  Shortly after graduation, I was accepted into the Triple Crown Dog Academy, where I earned my certification as a Canine Behaviour and Training Specialist.  It wasn't long after, in 2006 that I founded and opened up my own school and I've never looked back!

In the past 22 years, I've worked alongside various pet hospitals, rescues, and dog boarding and daycare facilities, and have sat on the board of multiple clubs in the sport of IGP.  I've coached hundreds of students both on and off the competitive dog sport field.  A few of them have gone on to win at regional and national levels in a variety of dog sports and I couldn't be prouder!  My biggest ambition is to compete with my youngest puppy at the world levels and represent Canada in a few years time.

But I must admit I have a soft spot for my pet dog owners, like you.  I get it.  There's so much conflicting information out there that it can be hard to decide whose advice to take and whose to leave behind.  And it makes it all the more complicated when every trainer out there is convinced that their way is the only way!  And all you want is a dog that you can truly enjoy your life with.  One where training actually gives you both more freedom to spend more time with each other doing the things you love.

If you've read this far, I'm betting that you are just like a lot of students that I have the privilege to teach.  You want to get off to the best start with your young puppy or new dog, and you want to do it right.  Heck you might even want to be the envy of your off dog owning peers and I don't blame you - I can relate!  I'm betting that it's just as important for you to feel comfortable and have fun in the learning process.  And you want to learn from someone who can understand where you're coming from and how your dog needs to fit into your lifestyle.

The Metropawlitan way of dog training is not just a method that I use, but it's a way of life.  My philosophy working with you is no different.  I understand that every lifestyle and dog owner partnership is unique and different.  It's my mission to help you custom create a lifestyle design that goes beyond classroom obedience.  After all, training is incomplete until your dog can perform for your reliabliy with or without the presence of treats and in the wake of every day life distractions.  I want to empower you to live a life where you can take your dog's obedience in your every day lives for granted.  And i'm excited to show you how through clear and open communication with you as well.

If you are interested in our dog training services, please contact us - I would love to work with you and your dog!

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