Learn our unique system of potty training so that you can minimize the number of accidents you have in the training process!  This done for you book takes you through all the key components to help make potty training as stress free and as accident free as possible for you.  



-  How to set up your home enviornment for the best potty training and house training success while minimizing accidents.

- The science behind How Dogs Learn and how to use these principles to speed up your potty training process.

- How to work with your puppy's natural instincts to create lasting potty training results.

- What you need to know about potty training and how it affects travelling with your puppy.

- How to address troubleshooting in potty training and how to get you and your puppy back on track.

- How to avoid common mistakes that actually slow down your potty training progress.

- How to handle situations when and if your puppy does have an accident. 

- How to teach your puppy to go to a designated area in your yard and keep the rest of your outdoor living space clean.




With so much to consider and set up, we wanted to take it one step further to help you get off to the best start possible.  This book also comes with a done for you guide that tells you where to get the potty training equipment we love and recommend along with their pros and cons of each product, and their related price ranges so you can make the best decision for you, your puppy, and your budget.


Metropawlitan's Errorless System of Potty Training



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