Puppy Training First Steps: The Importance of Engagement Training

January 3, 2019

Happy New Year Everyone!  It's puppy season so what better way to start off the new year and with your new puppy with what I would consider one of the most important first lessons to teach your pup?  


See, a lot of us get caught up into trying to teach our puppy to Sit, Lie Down, to Come and all this other stuff before we've even taught the puppy to concentrate and to learn how to learn first.  


But that's like trying to learn science before we've learned to read and write first.  


Engagement training teaches your puppy to choose to pay attention to you on his own, even when you start to increase the distractions for him.  And how much easier is it to get your puppy to listen to you when he's already paying attention?


Check out a short training clip we filmed of us training one our Metropawlitan puppies down below and see why it's the cornerstone of our puppy training programs!







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