Dress Up Your Pup With These Cool Dog Bandanas!

July 16, 2019

Confession: as much as I am serious in the dog sport world and the training side, I'm a sucker for dressing my dogs up in the cutest apparel - be it collars and matching leashes or, yup - you guessed it - dog bandanas!  


When we got wind of this new creative company and the products they were putting out we just had to share!  


Traditional dog bandanas had to be tied in the back - and if you have ever had to tie and untie a bandana into a dog with long and fluffy hair, I'm sure you can probably relate to the minor annoyances it can cause (trust me the struggle is real!).


But that's where this company differs - there are hidden snap buttons in the back to make putting the bandanas on and off super easy and maintenance free!


Not to mention their collection of unique patterns for all tastes!  Can't find something you love?  Contact them for a custom design!  


Check out some some of their cool products below!


As an added bonus, Dog-go Treasures is having a summer launch party which means a 10% savings for you on any bandanas you purchase before August 31, 2019.  


Ready to shop?  Click on the link here www.doggotreasures.com and enter the code LAUNCHPARTY to save on your next bandana purchase now!


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