The foundations for any good competitor in any dog sport is one where the dog and the handler has mastered performance with a high level of focus, power, precision, and speed.


The biggest struggle of almost all competitors in dog sports, be it from Agility, Competitive Obedience, Rally Obedience, or IPO is focus and engagement, especially because the competition enviornment contains a lot of high level distractions for your dog to work through.  Not only is it imperative to have a dog that will push you for engagement and attention even when you are passive, but it is important for your dog to learn to learn and problem solve independently from you when you are in the competition ring and are not allowed to give extra cues to your dog.

Discover ​how to build a solid working relationship based on teamwork between you and your dog and open and clear communication the entire way without dampening drive, enthusiasm, or joy in the process.


- How to create one way engagement - where your dog learns the cues for when he is working and automatically develops a laser sharp focus on you even when you are passively standing still.

- How to create a seamless flow in training that speeds up learning and problem solving for your dog every time you teach him something new.

- Create body awareness in your dog to develop better agility and movement - which can minimize the chances of injuries in any sport

- How to hone your timing, attitude, body langugue, and focus as a handler to get the best possible performance out of your dog.


- A dog that learns to fix and perfect his own performance with little to no cues from you because he understands the pattern of learning.

- A dog that wants to focus and engage with you more because you learn to become more fun with your dog.

- An improved work ethic between you and your dog.

- A great way to tire him out mentally and physically, especially when the weather is cold outside.

- Learn a new way to work with your dog that is very unlike what we teach in pet obedience.

- Improved obedience, focus and performance both in and out of the competition ring.

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Next Class: Saturday, September 21, 2019 at 12 pm


Location: Especially 4 Pets 436 16th Ave NE

Cost: $300 + GST for 6 weekly sessions.  1 hour each week.  **Please note that there are NO CLASSES on statuatory holidays.  Your classes will be scheduled around these dates.**


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