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At Metropawlitan Dog Training Inc., our team of experienced dog trainers believe that intelligent dog training is the key to achieving quality results. Our approach involves teaching dogs to problem solve and become active thinkers, leading to a stronger partnership with their owners. Our proven track record on and off the competition field is a testament to the effectiveness of our methods. Whether you want to enhance your dog's obedience, improve their behavior or work towards competitive success, we're here to help you become the best you can be with your dog.  

About Us

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"When Knowledge Ends, Frustration Begins" - Clint Anderson

For our team of professional dog trainers at Metropawlitan Dog Training Inc., the above quote couldn't be more true.   We are believers in training the dog in front of us.  No two dogs train the same, and so to adhere to only one methodology would limit us from effectively helping many dog owners out there.  That's why we're dedicated to our continual learning about a variety of dog training methods and approaches.  We strive to consistently better ourselves as dog trainers so we can help to support you and your dog with the highest quality of instruction and education.


"The heart of human excellence often begins to beat when you discover a pursuit that absorbs you, frees you, challenges you, or gives you a sense of meaning, joy, or passion." - Terry Orlick

Metropawlitan Dog Training Inc.  - Dog Trainer Suzanne
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Suzanne has over 27 years of experience as a professional dog trainer. Her education behind her includes a BSc in Animal Science from the University of Alberta, a certification as a Canine Behaviour & Training Specialist from the Triple Crown Dog Academy. She's an accomplished dog trainer, garnering numerous competition titles she's achieved with multiple of her own dogs at the local, regional and national levels. She's also an accomplished coach, guiding many of her competitive dog sport students to the same success, including winners in agility (regional level), competitive obedience, rally obedience, IGP, and the Police K9 Nationals. Metropawlitan Dog Training Inc. has become her place to combine her passions as a dog trainer in teaching and inspiring others, to providing a world classed learning experience for dog owners and their dogs, for videography and photography, and for creating a cohesive community where all members are dedicated to helping each other succeed. Suzanne is the dog trainer for all our group and private dog training classes. In 2022, she achieved the top IGP2 score in Canada and the top Protection score with 98 points with her German Shepherd Quorra. She will be aiming for a spot to represent Team Canada at the international levels in 2024.


Dog Trainer

Kristy joined Metropawlitan Dog Training Inc. in 2023. Having earned a BA in Psychology, and coming from a event horse riding background, Kristy brings with her both practical and formal learning to our team. Her experience in working with horses enables her to use that same gentle feel as a dog trainer when handling and working with our client dogs. As a co-owner of her dog and horse supplement company, Trisana, she also brings with her a wealth of knowledge in canine nutrition that gives her a unique perspective in how nutrition affects behaviour. Kristy is also an accomplished dog trainer, having having started her dog training in Rally Obedience and Agility with her first dog, Archer. Having owned a reactive dog in her past, Kristy also has a keen understanding and compassion for owners who share similar experiences. As a dog trainer, she is better able to empathize her experiences with other reactive dog owners, and provide an environment where students feel safe to learn and free from judgement. Kristy is responsible for working with all the dogs in our Dog Day Training Program. She loves watching the progression of each dog she works with and builidng a bond with each one. Her current competition puppy, Falyn, is being raised the Metropawlitan way. We can't wait for Kristy to inevitably adorn her dog trainer credentials with more awards and accomplishments as she and Falyn hit the competition fields in 2024.

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