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Loved our classes but struggling to find time and the right people and dogs to help you proof your training?  Created for our existing clients, our demo dog program is designed to help you take what you and your dog have already learned and teach him to apply it to new situations, maximizing his exposure to new people, dogs, and training situations while maintaining his training and improving reliability in his behaviour.  Have your dog training maintained by a professional dog training you've already come to trust.


Not Your Average Board and Train Program

At Metropawlitan Dog Training Inc., we get how hard you've been working to improve your dog's behaviour at home.   It can be hard to find time in your busy schedule to go out of your way to find distractions to proof your training.  

Don't worry - we've got you covered!  When your dog joins in our demo dog training program, your dog will act as our demonstration dog in our group and private training lessons.  Not only will they get to practice their training around a larger number of people and dogs, they will be handled and trained by one of our professional trainers during each session.


Hidden Benefits of Our Demo Dog Training

As a demo dog, your dog will practice obedience them in higher level distractions.  Our demo dogs commonly pose as distractions for our classroom students, which means that your dog will be trained to reliably hold their stays, loose leash walking, and come around other dogs playing and interacting around them (sometimes with them) and maintain it while our professional trainers are a teaching the classes.  The benefit to you?  Having a dog whose obedience you can rely on around some of the biggest distractions.

Program Details

  • 5 Day Demo Dog Training Program

    Perfect Focused Training For 1 Specific Behaviour
    Valid for 20 days
    • Customized Training Plan For Your Dog
    • Perfect for Maintaining and Proofing One Specific Behaviour
    • 5 Training Days (about 1-2 hours each day)
    • Daily Video Updates On Your Dog's Training
  • 10 Day Demo Dog Training Plan

    Perfect For Improving 2-3 Behaviours In Your Training!
    Valid for 25 days
    • Customized Training Plan For Your Dog
    • 10 Training Days (1-2 hours of training each day)
    • Daily Video Updates Of Your Dog's Progress
  • 20 Day Demo Dog Training Program

    Perfect For Maximum Training & Socialization Exposure For Your Dog
    Valid for 40 days
    • Customized Training Plan For Your Dog
    • 20 Days Of Training (1-2 hours Each Day)
    • Daily Training Video Updates
  • 12 Session Puppy Playtime Package

    Enjoy 12 curated play and socialization sessions with your puppy.
    Valid for 3 months
    • Puppy Socialization Package
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