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Dog Obedience Training Extra Practice

This service is not available. Contact us for more information.

Get extra practice in combining skills under high level distractions!

  • 50 Canadian dollars
  • Especially 4 Pets

Service Description

Metropawlitan's Dog Obedience Training Extra Practice is the perfect opportunity for graduates of our Intermediates and Real World programs to hone their skills. In this class, you will get the chance to work on distraction-proofing your dog's obedience training and teaching them to remain reliable even around dogs that are less in control. With our expert trainers, you will learn how to keep your dog obedient even if it looks like you're not paying attention to your own dog. Don't miss this chance to take your dog obedience training to the next level. Pre-Requisites: Successful completion of Metropawlitan Dog Training's Intermediates or Real World Program. Up to date vaccinations for your dog (DA2PPV & Rabies)

Next Start Dates

Cancellation Policy

Class enrollment fees must be paid in full prior to or at the beginning of any class or class series. Registration is not guaranteed until full payment has been accepted and the enrollment form has been completed and submitted. Please note that classes are non refundable.

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