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Metropawlitan Demo Dog Training Program

This service is not available. Contact us for more information.

For Busy Pet Owners That Want A Head Start In Their Dog Training

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Service Description

**Unleash Excellence: Elevate Your Dog's Training with Our Demo Dog Training Program!** Welcome to the next chapter in your dog's journey to excellence! If you've graduated from our adult basic obedience or puppy training programs, you know the joy of a well-mannered and responsive canine companion. But let's face it...teaching obedience basics is easy. Teaching your dog to remain responsive everywhere and anywhere is work. That's why we crafted a solution for proactive dog owners like you who crave continued exposure but find themselves stretched for time and resources. **Why Choose Our Demo Dog Program?** * **Expert-Led Training:** Your dog will receive personalized, hands-on training from our seasoned professionals, ensuring consistent growth and reinforcement of good behaviors. * **Maintain and Build:** We understand that life gets busy, and maintaining your dog's manners can be challenging. Our program is designed to not only maintain but also enhance the good habits your dog has already acquired. * **Tailored for Proactive Owners:** If you're committed to providing your dog with the best, this program is for you. It's designed for owners who seek excellence in good manners and want to maintain those results you've worked so hard to achieve. * **Diverse Exposure:** Your dog will thrive in various social scenarios, from controlled socialization to advanced obedience training, all while under the expert guidance of our trainers. **What's Included:** * **Immersive, Intensive Training:** A focused and condensed program that delivers results without consuming your busy schedule. * **Professional Guidance:** Our trainers will work directly with your dog, maintaining and building on the manners instilled in previous training sessions. * **Access to Advanced Scenarios:** Acting as our demo dog, your dog will be exposed to diverse distractions, ensuring they excel in any situation. * **Convenient Solution for Busy Lifestyles:** For owners who love their dogs but find it challenging to dedicate extensive time to training, our program offers an accessible yet premium solution. **Invest in Your Dog's Continued Success!** Don't let a busy lifestyle compromise your dog's training progress. Invest in our Demo Dog Training Program and witness the ongoing transformation of your pup into a polished and well-behaved companion. Your dog deserves the best – and so do you. Enroll now and unleash the full potential of your dog's intelligence and manners!

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Cancellation Policy

**Terms and Conditions - Demo Dog Training Program** 1. **Training Duration and Schedule:** - The demo dog training sessions must occur on consecutive days (or as close to as possible), following our trainer's schedule. We align with our trainer's class timetable to provide optimal learning and exposure for your dog. Please contact your trainer to confirm your scheduled dates. 2. **Dog Health and Behavior Policy:** - Dogs must be up to date on all vaccinations. I agree to notify the trainers on any changes in health or behaviour immediately as this can have significant impact on my dog's progress in the program. - Dogs must be kennel trained and be comfortable settling quietly in a kennel between sessions. This program isn't suitable for aggressive or reactive dogs; please consider our private training program for tailored support on aggression or reactive behaviours. 3. **Cancellation Policy:** - Cancellations within 7 days incur a 50% rerun fee. No refunds for cancellations less than 48 hours before the scheduled start date. 4. **Rescheduling and Late Arrival:** - Reschedule at least 24 hours prior to the start date. Late arrivals may shorten sessions; full program fees apply. 5. **Participation Responsibility and Results Expectations:** - Owners are responsible for ensuring their dog's availability and readiness for each session. Results are contingent upon active participation in training exercises during and between sessions. The commitment of owners significantly influences the success of the program. 6. **Updates via Video:** - Receive regular video updates on your dog's progress, aiding your understanding of the training process and tracking your dog's development. 7. **Program Completion Details:** - Post-program, receive a comprehensive summary of your dog's achievements and discuss options for further training, if required. 8. **Consent for Video Footage Usage:** - The use of video footage of the training of my dog may be used for promotional or educational purposes, contributing to the success stories shared by Metropawlitan. By enrolling, you agree to these terms. We're committed to delivering the best training experience, and adherence ensures a positive and successful journey for you and your dog. Program is non transferrable. Owners understand that commitment to maintaining the training after the sessions are complete are paramount to their puppy's continued success.

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