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Puppy Playtime Package

Curated Play Sessions For Your Puppy's Temperament

  • 30 minutes
  • 25 Canadian dollars
  • Especially 4 Pets

Service Description

Hey Puppy Graduates! From our puppy classes, you've seen now the benefits of curated play sessions with your puppy so that he's not just learning confidence around other dogs, but how to read social cues, how to adjust his energy (and play manners) and so much more. In just 3 short puppy playtime sessions, we've seen your puppy grow and change in the way they're learning to interact with their peers, and when they're with the right influences, you can see how much they can alter their behaviour and manners (for the good). You've also probably seen the potential negative effects of having your puppy exposed to the wrong peers at the wrong time. Bad manners can develop. Fears and defensive behaviours can also arise. Don't forget that your puppy doesn't reach adult mental maturity until he's 2 years of age. This means that if you're looking to raise a socially savvy dog around other dogs, he needs consistent, structured puppy playtime exposure for the first two years of his life to the right influences. But in a world where many dogs out there may prove to not be the ideal playmate or influence for your dog, where the heck do you find these dogs? That's why I'm excited to introduce to you our Puppy Playtime maintenance program that allows you to continue to socialize your puppy in curated play sessions designed just for your puppy's individual temperament. It's designed exclusively for graduates of our Metro Puppy Socialization and Obedience Program. As your puppy grows and changes, so will your puppy's playmates and friends, to ensure that he remains well mannered as he's mentally and physically matures from puppy to adulthood. Through each 30 minute Puppy Playtime session, your puppy will get the benefit of meeting and interacting with brand new puppies and dogs in a structured, supervised environment. As a bonus? All these pups are Metropawlitan students, so you know you're surrounded by like minded dog owners who are also striving for similar goals to your own. You'll also learn to read puppy body language and interactions along the way, when to step in and intervene in an interaction, and when it's appropriate to let your puppy figure things out on their own. Why take a random chance on who your puppy is exposed to? Join us for our puppy socialization program designed just for you and your pup!

Next Start Dates

Cancellation Policy

Class enrollment fees must be paid in full prior to or at the beginning of any class or class series. Registration is not guaranteed until full payment has been accepted and the enrollment form has been completed and submitted. Please note that classes are non refundable.

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