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Puppy Socialization With Other Dogs

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Because Not All Dogs Are A Good Influence On Your Puppy

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Service Description

Just like raising children, not everyone out there is going to be a good influence on your puppy. Proper puppy socialization with other dogs needs to take into account your puppy's individual temperament if you want to teach your puppy to mature into a dog that's both confident and socially appropriate with other dogs. Shy puppies that get overwhelmed by rough players can learn to become snappy and defensive. Rough players can become overly aroused, flipping into aggression when they don't learn proper boundaries and play etiquette. Do you know how to select the right friends for your puppy? Join us to learn: - how to recognize dog body language - how to understand appropriate from inappropriate manners during puppy socialization and play time - how to assess your puppy personality and temperament type - why selecting appropriate friends are so important for your puppy's upbringing - how to select the right friends for your puppy This workshop will provide a combination of interactive lecture and live demonstrations to help illustrate the points and concepts of the lesson. WORKSHOP DETAILS: 2 hour seminar/workshop, followed by 3 thirty minute curated puppy socialization play sessions for your puppy's unique temperament Pre-requisites: For puppies under the age of 6 months. Up to date puppy vaccinations required (DA2PP).

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Cancellation Policy

Class enrollment fees must be paid in full prior to or at the beginning of any class or class series. Registration is not guaranteed until full payment has been accepted and the enrollment form has been completed and submitted. Please note that classes are non refundable.

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