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Virtual Dog Training Mini Session

High impact mini dog training sessions in 10 short minutes.

  • 10 minutes
  • Online Link To Be Provided In Individual Bookings

Service Description

Some dog training goals are best reached with short, quality, frequent sets rather than one, long, drawn out lesson. These virtual dog training mini sessions are best for dogs and owners that require some specialized, focused work on dealing with your dog's anxiety or reactivity, or for higher level sport training clients that are looking to build their canine athletes to perform with their highest power, precision, and speed. By doing 10 minute virtual dog training lessons we allow the dog and the owner to practice and develop their muscle memory for a singular skill they need to master, with appropriate practice time in between before advancing to the next skill. The result? Far less overwhelm, more efficient and effective practice and learning for both you and your dog, and as a result, the ability to progress much faster than you would in a regular dog training one hour lesson. Contact us know at to see if these virtual dog training mini sessions are a right fit for you and your dog today!

Cancellation Policy

Class enrollment fees must be paid in full prior to or at the beginning of any class or class series. Registration is not guaranteed until full payment has been accepted and the enrollment form has been completed and submitted. Please note that classes are non refundable.

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