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For Reactive Dogs

Does your dog bark and lunge at other dogs?  Learn how our training program can help you!

Got a New Puppy?

Let us help you navigate through all stages of puppyhood from 8 weeks old through adolescence at 6 months.  Learn how to raise a confident, well-mannered member of your family.  

Got An Adult Dog?

Whatever your training goal, we're here to help you meet your training needs. Let us teach you to get lasting, effective, reliable results through crystal clear communication.

Our Philosophy and How We Can Serve You

The Metropawlitan way of dog training is not just a method that we use, but it's a way of life.  To truly love your dog, I am strong believer that this means that we learn to honour our dogs for who they truly are - not furry little human beings, but their own species, canis familiaris, with their own needs, wants, and language.  Part of creating a balanced, calm pack member is being able to fulfill your dog's needs as a dog.  We can do this by providing food, water, shelter and love, sufficient physical exercise, and sufficient mental exercise (i.e. a job to do).  Once these needs are met, training comes down to establishing a clear communication system with your dog - one where he feels empowered and motivated to work with you while enabling you to trust him to stay reliable in his day to day obedience where you need it the most.  

My philosophy working with you is no different.  I understand that every lifestyle and dog owner partnership is unique and different.  It's my mission to help you custom create a lifestyle design that goes beyond classroom obedience.  After all, training is incomplete until your dog can perform for your reliabliy with or without the presence of treats and in the wake of every day life distractions.  I want to empower you to live a life where you can take your dog's obedience in your every day lives for granted.  And i'm excited to show you how through clear and open communication with you as well.

If you are interested in our dog training services, please contact us - we would love to work with you and your dog!

Want to find out more about more about my style of training?  Sign up for some free training tips below!

There's nothing more freeing than having a dog that you can take anywhere and everywhere with you and true that he would behave just as reliably as he would in your own home.  Based in Calgary, we offer a wide variety of dog training classes from beginner puppy to advanced sport work.  Let us show you how to form a solid partnership with your dog where through open communication, you can achieve this goal together.

Words From Our Wonderful Clients

"You are awesome and brought so much clarity for us! Jazzie advanced leaps and bounds and I am looking forward to continue working with her. We were very satisfied with your class, so thank you so much. Your passion is contagious!"

Casey & Alberto

"Even the neighbour said “I can’t believe these are the same dogs! They are so calm now!!! We could never talk or meet before because they were so hyper.” I am so in love with training the dogs because they love it! They seriously can’t contain their excitement when we train it’s so cute. Thanks for making training fun and rewarding! You are such a great trainer of dogs (but mostly the people handling them)!! "

Stephanie & Thomas

"Through this class with Suzanne not only did Maggie learn from us but more importantly we learned how to relate to Maggie in ways that she understands."

Dayle, Richard, & Maggie

"Being out in the world with him and constantly being told how well behaved he is makes me so proud and thankful for you!"


"Suzanne's puppy training class is great! She is clearly very dedicated to her program, her knowledge of animal obedience and nutrition is incredible. We had no clue what to do with our new puppy and she helped us tame him. Suzanne was critical in teaching our puppy how to behave and live healthy from the beginning. My family enjoys our puppy so much more because of this. I'm sure our puppy is having a better time too! I would highly recommend this class to anyone. Will definitely register for the next course."


"Starting your classes was the best thing we've done with Maya. She's so much better with meeting strangers outside...I just had to share 😀 thank you again for all your guidance and your fantastic classes."


"Gotta say "loved your class! I 'm completely sold & I 'll recommend you to anyone who will listen! "

Karen & Eli

"Both Kathy and I have noticed a huge change in Callie over the last few weeks. As much as we are working with her on her homework each week and enforcing the lessons we learn in class, we know you spend time with her while she’s at daycare too. We really appreciate it as her behavior in the park, around other dogs and at home have improved drastically. We are having a lot of fun with her in your class and it’s exciting and rewarding to see the progress she is making. Thanks again! "

Aaron & Kathy

"The thanks go to you Suzanne, because you are an instructor who knows what she is doing and most of all cares about her clients; both the dogs and humans. Thank you."


"I just want to tell you a little about your training style. I've been thinking about this a lot - why I enjoy training with Raffa so much. You have found a way to get the best out of us. I know as a handler, I make a lot of mistakes. When I look at the video I see them very clearly, but you only made me feel good about our performance. You have a way of showing, teaching without criticizing...You would have made a great school teacher, if you hadn't gone the dog route. Thanks again for all your help. "


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