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Hi Everyone!  First of, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you for your support and continued business throughout this trying time.  As of December 13, 2020 all our group training sessions are suspended in accordance with the new provincial restrictions.  We are still committed to supporting you through this time!  Please click the pink Get Access button to learn about our highly interactive online learning program.  Do you have specific behaviours you want to work on?  Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about our private 1-to-1 training sessions!  Stay warm and stay safe!

Puppy Socialization

Basic Manners

Advanced Obedience

Dog to Dog Reactivity

To Have A Well Mannered Dog And Become A More Confident Owner, You Have To Start Training Your Dog

But There's A Problem...
  • You have a very busy schedule
  • You feel overwhelmed with conflicting information
  • You don't have a clear plan
  • You struggle to apply training to real life distractions
  • You've tried other classes but you felt like it didn't meet your needs
  • What you've tried so far isn't working
Our Membership program has everything you need to help you succeed - flexible class scheduling, a customizable plans from start to finish, easy to follow lessons that can be completed in minutes a day, and a supportive and collaborative community to help you with every stage of training.
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Learn To Apply Your Dog's Training To Your Every Day Life

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"Jazzy advanced leaps and bounds!"

"You are awesome and brought so much clarity for us!  Jazzy advanced leaps and bounds and I am looking forward to continuing training with her.  We were very satisfied with your class, thank you so much.  Your passion is contagious!"

- Casey & Alberto

Every Course Makes It Simple To Master The Skills Every Well Trained Dog Should Know - All Included With Your Subscription


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"Being constantly told how well behaved he is makes me so proud!"

"Being out in the world with him and constantly being told how well behaved he is makes me so proud and thankful for you!"

- Daliah

Your Plan To Train Your Dog

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4.  Enjoy the Results


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How We Help You Get Lasting Dog Training Results 


Training is only complete when your dog understands how to perform the desired behaviour without relying on food or training tools to do it.


Our system teaches you these crucial steps by breaking them down into easy bite sized chunks that motivate you to work with your dog and see the results session to session.


When you understand how to create clear communication, you will enjoy more freedom with a well mannered dog where his training is incorporated so seamlessly into your day to day habits that it becomes an afterthought.  


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Your Membership Includes

  • Access to ALL online courses
  • Weekly Group coaching calls and feedback sessions
  • Weekly in person training sessions (Masterclass Members Only)
  • Access to our Online Community for support, connection, and a better learning experience
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"I can't believe these are the same dogs!"

"Even the neighbour said "I can't believe these are the same dogs!  They are so calm now!!!  We could never talk or meet before because they were so hyper."  I am so in love with training the dogs because they love it!  They seriously can't contain their excitement when we train it's so cute.  Thanks for making the training fun and rewarding!  You are such a great trainer of dogs (but mostly the people handling them)!!!"

Stephanie & Thomas

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  • Access to our Online Community for more support, connection, and a better learning experience
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