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Teaching Your Dog The Collar Grab

Did you know that one of the most common instances where people get bit is by grabbing a dog's collar?

Whether it's to steady a dog for a vet visit, or attempting to keep your dog with you after you call him, or trying to catch a runaway as he does a fly by, there are times where grabbing a dog's collar (either by you or by someone else) may be necessary.

But doing so doesn't have to be a negative experience for either you or your dog. Our above video outlines how we like to teach the collar grab to desensitize and to show the dog how we want them to behave when their collar is grabbed.

Personally, I also teach my dogs to mean that the when I reach for the collar grab, my dog sees that as a signal to move towards me rather than away. That way, I'm also not having a dog that runs away from me.

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