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Understanding Trigger Points

The Key To Successful Distraction Proofing Training

Welcome to our new segment Training Tip Tuesday!

Today, we're diving into a crucial aspect of obedience training that can make a world of difference – understanding trigger points. I'm Suzanne, your guide to helping you get more reliability out of your training with your dog.  Today, we’re going to introduce the concept of trigger points.

The trigger point is that sweet spot—the distance from a distraction at which your dog starts to lose focus but can easily regain it. Imagine it as the boundary between attention and distraction.

Now, why is this trigger point so crucial? Well, working any closer to the distraction would mean losing your dog completely.  We want to set them up for success, not overwhelm them.

So, who should consider the trigger point? Well, anyone introducing their dog to distractions during training. It becomes paramount once your dog is ready to face any distraction.

Now, let's talk about closing the trigger point. You can decrease the trigger point distance when your dog is giving you unwavering attention at that distance. This is the key—it's your green light to move closer to the distraction.

Remember, this applies to all distractions. Your trigger point may differ depending on the level of distraction. Training your dog to leave a dead leaf might have a closer trigger point than working with that squirrel that taunts your dog every morning in the backyard. It's all about adapting.

So, there you have it—trigger points, the secret detail to distraction-proofing your dog training. Remember to gauge your dog's focus, step back when needed, and gradually close that distance.

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