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Mastering Leash Communication

When you think about training your dog, one of the most common equipment pieces is your leash. But because there's so much misconception about how to use the leash, I've found that many of my students are afraid to use it at all, or end up using it in a way that creates problems when they're trying to train their dog rather than solves them.

That's why I wanted to create this short video to show you the many different ways clear leash communication can help your dog's training, and can drastically improve the relationship between you and your dog.

For example, triggering opposition reflex in your dog can create more drive and enthusiasm towards whatever it is your dog is focusing on. But we can also teach your dog to be responsive to the slightest change in pressure on the leash to help them fine tune desired behaviours and teach them to calm down and be thoughtful about their actions.

Watch the video above as we explore different ways of using the line and how we can use leash communication in a variety of different training scenarios to help us get the results we want.

So now it's your turn - is your current leash communication helping or hurting the way you're interacting with your dog?

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