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Celebrating 2024 At Metropawlitan Dog Training Inc.

Ever heard of the Law of Attraction? I'm definitely a strong believer that what you put out into the universe is what will come back to you.

In 2023, I was determined to evolve Metropawlitan Dog Training Inc. and really focus on what we can do to make every experience you and your pup have with us an extraordinary one. Kristy and I were hard at work brainstorming, testing out ideas, figuring out which ones would work or wouldn't work so we could bring the best version of ourselves to better serve you and your pups through all of our dog training programs here in Calgary.

Being the first day back in the office, I was surprised to find that the first email in my inbox was recognition for Metropawlitan Dog Training Inc. being one of the Best in Canada according to Clever Canadian.

Here was what their spokesperson had to say when she reached out to us:

"We'd love to include you in our list of Best Dog Training Centers In Calgary. Your website and reviews are impressive and we believe your business would be a valuable addition to the list!"

Clever Canadian is a review website that brings together the recommendations for the best product and service providers in Canada.

Metropawlitan Dog Training recognized as one of Calgary's Best by Clever Canadian

The best part is, a big part of their review and evaluation process is the reviews and feedback from you - our wonderful clients, subscribers and followers.

As those of you who have worked with my team and I know, we're constantly looking for ways to improve your learning experience and time with us - it's something we put a lot of hard work and focus into. So I wanted to take this post to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to invest in reading our blogs, working with us in private sessions, virtual coaching calls, and attending our group classes, giving us valuable feedback, and even following and liking our shenanigans in our social media posts!

We so appreciate each and every one of you and we can't wait to provide you with more support, learning, and fun as we kick off 2024!

Thank you - from the bottom of our hearts!

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