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Our Favorite Summer Dog Products For 2023

Updated: Feb 6

Summer season is upon us and if it's anything like what spring has been so far, it's likely going to be a hot one!

While I love the outdoors as much as my dog does, there are definitely some cool (no pun intended) products that can make both yours and your pup's experience in the heat a much more enjoyable one. Check out our favourite summer dog products for 2023!

favourite summer dog products 2023 - hurtta vest

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Want to keep your dog cool while you're out and about enjoying land based activities with your dog? This vest from Hurta is one of our favourites for keeping your dog's vital organs a few degrees cooler than the surrounding air temperature. It's a must have for us while we're exercising our dogs in the summer time. We also love the cute colours this vest comes in and how long the cooling effect lasts. Given how hot the summers lately have been, these vests are absolutely a staple in our favourite summer dog products.

favourite summer dog products 2023 - aluminet

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A staple amongst most dog sport enthusiasts (myself included) - this must have cover acts as a shade cloth - blocking out about 70% of harmful UVA/UVB rays, and can reduce the temperature by 10 degrees or more - even in extreme heat. To be honest, of all of our favourite summer dog products, this is the one I personally use the most.

favourite summer dog products 2023 - nibuya foldable dog pool

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While we personally haven't tried this product yet, our interest was piqued from the sheer number of positive reviews this doggie pool has. Notable features include being more durable (being a harder plastic type material) while also being foldable and easily portable.

This one is definitely on our shopping list this year! We'll keep you posted to let you know if this one stays on our favourite summer dog products list next year!

favourite summer dog products 2023 - Emmy's sun protector spray

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Did you know that dogs can get sunburn just like people can? Especially made for areas with thinner fur near their nose, ears, and under carriage, or for lighter pigmented coats, a dog safe sunscreen is a great way to protect your pup from painful and irritating sunburns. The reviews on this product here were too good to ignore - so if you've got a pup that's prone to burning, I would definitely recommend checking this out!

favourite summer dog products 2023 - coolin pad blue

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A staple both in my home and in my vehicle (we do a lot of car trips), this cooling pad is an essential added layer to my dog beds and resting areas. Just like the cooling vest, it's a great product to help your dog keep cooler during those warmer days. Be aware though: you may want to supervise your dog while using this product the first few times. My dogs are generally not bed chewers, but for some reason, this product has enticed one of my non chewing dogs to go ham on it. Because of this, I'd say that it falls on the lowest category of our favourite summer dog products list...we'll definitely be looking for an alternative product that hopefully lasts a little longer though!

favourite summer dog products 2023 - Rogz Lighthouse

Having dogs that LOVE to swim and fetch, this is my absolute favourite swimming toy on the market. Not only does it float, but it floats vertically ( a lighthouse) and sticks out of the water. It makes for far better visibility for your dog as she's swimming out to get it. I was also impressed by the durability of the toy as well. My Rogz Lighthouse has somehow lasted through the lifetime of 2.5 working line German Shepherds and is still in really good condition! I personally vote this one as my longest lasting of my favourite summer dog products on this list!

favourite summer dog products 2023 - Citrobug

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While you should never use human bug repellent on dogs (there are pretty poisonous chemicals in there that are harmful for dogs), if your dog happens to be a bug magnet like mine, a dog safe repellent like this one is a great solution to keep your dog bug free and minimize the insect bites. Made from all natural ingredients, I was initially skeptical about its efficacy. But having borrowed the spray from a dog friend before morning training one day, I was surprised at how well it worked not only on my dog, but on us humans as well!

Especially in the heavy bug mosquito season (which for us seems to be around May/June), this is one of my go to favourite summer dog products to keep bug bites on my dog (and me) to a minimum.

Got any favourite summer dog products of your own? Let us know which ones you love in the comments section!

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