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How Play And Loose Leash Training Translate To Distractions (Rumour's Training Updates)

Rumour's training is progressing nicely. When the rules of the treat chasing game are clear and introduced properly, as is the expectations of what I want her to be doing on the loose leash walk with me, it's important to start distraction proofing the behaviour to help her get ready for distractions on real walks later on. But given her already confident temperament, and her love of people, it's important that she sees them as a cue to stay with me rather than to pull me over to them to go visit every single person out there.

Rumour hasn't seen much distraction in her training up until tonight because I wanted the skills of loose leash to be so clear to her that they're automatic. They're literally embedded in her muscle memory. By allowing her to master the skills first, I avoid introducing distractions too soon and training to failure.

I love how she loves the game so much with me that she really. could care less about the people trying to interact with her in the room.

But we're not done yet....Looking forward to seeing how she progresses from here on out!

Interested in how we built these skills from the ground up? Check out our upcoming Obedience Fundamentals course starting soon!


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