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Applying Dog Training Exercises To Christmas Decorating

With the holidays upon us, one of our favorite activities is getting our home all decorated for Christmas here at Metropawlitan Dog Training Inc.

But with so many delicate ornaments, lights, and decor, the whole process can feel chaotic and frustrating with an untrained, unruly dog.

Like with all of our day to day routines, we like to integrate our dog training obedience exercises right into our daily lives.  Because - after all - shouldn’t training make help holiday traditions easier and more peaceful?

So I decided this year to peel back the curtains and give you a sneak peak behind the scenes of what I do with Quorra when we decorate our Christmas tree at home.

Check out this quick video clip I captured while we decorated our Christmas tree this year while incorporating in our dog training into our routine.

Now it’s your turn - share with us what your favorite dog training commands are that you use to help make the holidays more enjoyable with your dog.


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