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Unleash Joy: The 10 Best Christmas Gifts For Dog Lovers In 2023

Metropawlitan Dog Training Inc.  Best Christmas Gifts For Dog Lovers

'Tis the season to be jolly, especially if you're a dog lover or have one in your life! Finding the perfect Christmas gift that speaks to their love for their four legged companions can be as rewarding as a well-executed training session. So, if you're on a quest for the best Christmas gifts for dog lovers in 2023, read on. We've fetched the top 10 dog friendly gift ideas that will make both the owner and the pup jump for joy.

1. Personalized Dog Gear: Adding a Touch of Tailored Elegance

Metropawlitan Dog Training - Best Christmas Gifts For Dog Lovers Fancy Gear

What could be more stylish than a beautiful dog leash with the pup's name engraved on the metal buckle, or a custom-designed collar designed uniquely for your dog's personal style? Personalized dog gear is not just a gift; it's a statement. It adds a touch of elegance and individuality to the dog's daily accessories, making every walk a fashion-forward affair. Bonus? There are tons of styles (and price ranges) to choose from. I must admit I'm currently a huge fan of these coloured leather collars here.

2. Subscription to a Doggy Activity Box: Monthly Surprises, Endless Fun

Metropawlitan - Best Christmas Presents For Dog Lovers - box subscriptions

Why limit the joy of unwrapping to just one day? A subscription to a doggy gift box ensures that the excitement lasts all year round. Packed with toys, treats, and other fun dog goodies, these boxes allow your pup to sample brand new products that are making their debut on the market. There are even subscriptions out there for tough chewers. Did you know that there's a Canadian brand of the all popular Bark Box? There's even a box for super hardcore chewers. It's like Christmas morning delivered to their doorstep every month!

3. Interactive Puzzle Toys: The World's Best Puppy Sitters

For the dog owner and the dog who loves a good mental challenge, interactive puzzle toys are a game-changer. These toys engage the dog's natural problem-solving instincts, providing hours of entertainment while promoting mental stimulation. It's a win-win for both the owner and their clever canine companion. Also - it's hella entertaining to watch your dog work their way into earning their food rewards inside.

Our favourite one on the market is not only durable (some of my dog toys have lasted through 4 dogs in the last 15 years), but it's also dishwasher safe!

4. Dog-Friendly Outdoor Gear: Elevate Adventure Time

Metropawlitan Dog Training Inc.  Christmas Gifts For Dog Lovers 2023 - Outdoor Gear

If your friends are the adventurous types, consider outdoor gear designed with their four-legged friend in mind. Portable water bowls, cozy doggy jackets, or even a doggy backpack for hiking adventures—these gifts ensure that the pup is as ready for the great outdoors as their human companions. The best of the best brands are made of same materials for human gear for camping and outdoor use.

Our all-time favourite is our Palisades Dog Backpack from Ruffwear. Not only is it made of super durable material (seriously - this brand is like MEC for dogs), but the added flexibility of being able to remove your dog's saddlebags from the harness ensures that transitioning from being on the move to rest stops and back again are easy and efficient. I also love that my dog can carry her personal belongings while I can worry about my own.

5. Photo Session with a Pet Photographer: Capturing Cherished Moment

Every dog owner cherishes the moments spent with their furry friend. A professional photo session with a pet photographer captures these precious moments in a way that smartphone snapshots simply can't. It's a gift that immortalizes the bond between owner and pup, turning memories into works of art.

I was recently gifted a session like this for my birthday this summer. Stephanie Ivy Photography did a phenomenal job and there's no doubt these photos forever hold memories of Quorra and I. Check out a sample of her work below:

christmas gift for dog lovers - @stephanieivyphotography
photo courtesy of @stephanieivyphotography. Follow her on Instagram!

6. Dog Training Workshop or Classes: Investing in a Well-Behaved Companion

Metropawlitan Dog Training E-Gift Card

I'm personally a huge fan of giving the gift of experiences. While traditional gifts might give the recipient a moment of joy (mostly when they're just opening it), the gift of an experience can sometimes create a lifetime of memories for all those involved to share together. For the dog owner committed to giving their pup the best start in life, a dog training workshop or classes are a thoughtful and educational gift. Not only can classes help owners to understand and deepen the connection between them and their four legged best friend, it also enables them lasting results of joy, peaceful living together, and can be the start of a path to many more dog friendly adventures.

But training doesn't have to be all about discipline and better manners. Classes and workshops dedicated to specific dog sports, dog tricks, and other fun can give that dog lover in your life some indoor fun - especially during those long winter months. Our upcoming Specialty Dog classes are designed to teach dog owners how to play and engage with their dogs through productive and interactive games with each other that go beyond just basic pet obedience. Think fun activities like Nose Work, Dog Tricks, Competitive Obedience, Escape Room Fun, and more.

Get a gift card from Metropawlitan Dog Training Inc. as a Christmas gift they can enjoy well into the new year!

7. Dog DNA Test Kit: Uncover the Canine Mystery

Curiosity meets science with a dog DNA test kit. This innovative gift not only satisfies the curiosity about the pup's breed but also provides valuable insights into potential health risks and behaviors associated with specific breeds. It's a unique and informative present for the inquisitive dog parent.

The most popular one on the market right now is Embark. It's trusted and widely used by many North American breeders.

8. Cozy Customized Pet Portrait: A Touch of Artistic Warmth

Add a touch of warmth to their home with a customized pet portrait. Talented artists can capture the essence of the dog in a beautifully crafted artwork, creating a lasting memento that celebrates the unique personality and charm of their beloved companion.

9. Wellness and Relaxation Package: Pampering Pups and Owners Alike

Who doesn't love a bit of pampering? Whether you've got a young and active dog you're looking to pamper with preventative care, or a beloved senior who struggles with the aches and pains of age, the gift of a doggie massage can be a wonderful experience for the dog lover and the dog in their life.

Just like us, dogs benefit greatly from getting massage treatments to help relax tense or strained muscles, improve mobility and circulation, and so much more.

K9 Muscleworks is Quorra's own regular masseuse and we absolutely LOVE her and the services she provides. Not only does Quorra get spoiled with massages, but And has also been amazing in showing us maintenance exercises and stretches to keep her in good condition between appointments. Check out the services she offers here.

10. Dog Treat Recipe Book: For the Dog Loving Baker

For the health-conscious dog owner, consider a recipe book that focuses on preparing healthy and affordable dog treats for their four-legged friend. It's a delicious way to bond over shared treats and ensure their pup enjoys healthy and tasty treats that complement their diet. Make your dog treats super cute with these adorable dog treat moulds.


As you embark on the quest for the perfect Christmas gift for the dog lover in your life, remember that the best gifts go beyond the material—they celebrate the bond between owner and pup. Whether it's adding a touch of personalization, fostering mental stimulation, or simply pampering their four legged family member, these gifts are sure to bring joy to both the owner and their favourite pet. So, go ahead, unleash joy, and make this Christmas a memorable one for the dog lover in your life! 🎁🐾

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