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Loose Leash Walking Updates With Rumour - Transitioning Training To The Outside World

Between the few weeks of cold weather in early March and some scheduling juggling with Rumour's owners, we finally had a chance to get back into her loose leash walking training.

This is Rumour's first time taking her loose leash training in an outdoor environment. She's had so much of a history of learning to choose to play with us in our foundational training that the transition to the outdoor environment was relatively easy. We love how what we've taught her has transferred even in a higher distracting environment without much setback.

While her loose leash walking training still has some work to do to finish the behaviour completely, we're excited to see how her progression is coming so far.

When we take the time to learn how to play with our dogs in a constructive way, we build their ability to concentrate for longer and through distractions because the activity is so fun. When we find a way to transfer this activity into our training, we can get farther results than with just drilling the dog for manners without integrating in play.

Want to learn how to we can help you get these results for you and your dog? Our upcoming Obedience Fundamentals class will show you step by step how to go through this process!

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