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Recall Training: Uncommon Tips For Success

Updated: Feb 5

Ever wonder how some people seem to have it so easy when it comes to calling their dog back to them, while others continually struggle to get their dog to give them the time of day?

After having worked with many wonderful pet owners from all walks of life, here are a few common habits of the most successful dog owners when it comes to recall training your dog.

They take their dogs out with them - A LOT.

recall training - take your dog out alot

The most successful owners tend to live a very involved and active lifestyle with their dogs. They're out and about with them at dog friendly patios, biking and hiking, camping, and even to regular family and friend gatherings and dinners.

You see, dogs aren't so different from us. Think of how stir crazy many of us became during the pandemic. By the time the restrictions were lifted, the travel industry was booming from people dying to get out and about in the world again.

Your dog is no different. If they're stuck at home doing nothing all day, every day, they're become bored and stir crazy. When they do finally do go out - they can't help but want to wander...and not stop. Why would they? In their mind - who knows when they'll get another chance to do this? And if they learn coming back to you prevents them from seeing the outside world, why would they want to? See how this can affect your recall training?

But when your dog is out with you all the time, that novelty of going out and exploring wears off. For these dogs, it's just a way of life. Something they take for granted. Because they've shared so many experiences with their owners, no matter where they go, their one constant is their owners. So it deepens their bond and their relationship, and as a result, recall training is easy.

They Handle Their Dogs Proactively

recall training - handling your dog proactively

Successful dog owners in recall training are also really proactive when they're handling their dogs. For starters, most of these owners start their puppy young. They understand that it's better to establish good habits before their puppies can develop bad ones.

They also are aware of their environment around them. They know what triggers are likely to distract their dog the most. In these instances, they call their dog back long before their dog can get so lost in the distraction that they're no longer listening. For example, proactive dog owners will notice a deer far off in the distance before their dog does and call their dog back long to them.

They're Willing To Go Through the Recall Training

recall training - take the time to train your dog

Successful dog owners are very willing to go through the time to teach their dog recall training. They set their dogs up for success, and they don't put them in situations where their dog can learn to ignore their call and not be able to reinforce the command.

They're also willing to distraction proof their recall training to teach their dog to ignore various distractions and come back to their owners regardless of what is around them.

Their Dogs Have A Good Relationship With Them

recall training - good relationship with owners

A well trained dog is often has a really good relationship with his or her owner. This is especially true when it comes to recall training. Successful dog owners have raised their dogs to believe that their relationship and interaction with them far out values any distraction that is in their world. Because of this, there is no higher value to them than wanting to come back to their owners. Want to know how good of a relationship you have with your dog? Take them somewhere new and quiet WITHOUT any food or toys with you and stand quietly (no talking or petting) and passively watch them. Do they want to interact with you after a short period of time, or are they so focused on the outside world that they act as if you're just a post you're tied to? Being naturally pack animals, a dog that has a healthy and fulfilled relationship with their dog will want to engage with their owner.

How many of these traits do you share with your dog?

Looking for recall training for your dog that will give you long lasting results? Email us at to find out how we can help you!

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